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The European Network for Civil Peace Services (EN.CPS) is an international network of NGOs with the common goal of promoting Civil Peace Services (CPS) on national, European and European Union levels as an instrument of nonviolent conflict intervention. For this purpose, EN.CPS network members co-operate transnationally in the fields of information sharing, political advocacy, awareness raising as well as training and joint projects for the deployment of qualified civil society personnel in conflict areas.

CPS are publicly supported frameworks that facilitate professional nonviolent third-party interventions by civil society actors. CPS interventions have the aim to support stakeholders in conflict areas at the grassroots and middle-range levels of society so that they can engage in constructive dialogue, peacebuilding and reconciliation processes.

By promoting the establishment and use of Civil Peace Services, the EN.CPS and its network members work in a pragmatic and constructive way for a culture of peace, for dialogue between people in conflict, for the support of democracy and for the respect of human rights and human dignity.

In Lyon, 8th May 2010

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