Civil Peace Services

Civil Peace Services (CPS) are civil society driven long term conflict intervention initiatives that work on the transformation of conflicts with nonviolent means and aim at the reduction of violence. In different countries the CPS concept has slightly different meanings, however, all existing CPS schemes have the same overall aim of enhancing civil society capacities for handling violent conflict and its legacies. In some countries CPS includes initiatives with volunteers whereas in other countries CPS is understood as a professional service of adult men and women.

So far Germany is the only country where a government has adopted and publicly funds a CPS programme in cooperation with peace and development organisations. Here Civil Peace Service (CPS) stands for long-term deployment of trained peace consultants who cooperate with local partners to enhance dialogue and civil society structures in conflict regions. Below you can read more about the German CPS' conceptual and programmatic standards.

[BOTTOM][TOP]The German CPS standards (2005)

Standards for the Civil Peace Service Standards for the Civil Peace Service Standards für den Zivilen Friedensdienst Reglas Básicas para el Servicio Civil para la Paz

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