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Across Europe several EN.CPS organisations offer training courses with the aim of building up and strengthening civilian capacities for nonviolent peace interventions. On their own account, and through network co-operations, these organisations continuously work on raising quality standards for civilian peace work and for disseminating training expertise relevant for the establishment and implementation of Civil Peace Services. While training offers differ in format, length and content, within EN.CPS network members have agreed on an Agreement on Training Standards.

In addition, between 2005 and 2007 several EN.CPS organisations have participated in a partnership project called ARCA (Associations and Resources for Conflict Management Skills), funded through the EU Grundtvig programme. The aim of the ARCA project was to contribute to improving the quality, content and methodology of peace education and training in conflict transformation across Europe through the gathering of best practices, exchange of methods/curricula, development of resources and guides, and the establishment of a European-wide data-base of peace educators and peace education resources.

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Online Selflearning Courses by the Academy for Conflict Transformation/Akademie für Konflikttransformation. Apart from the Academy's extensive training programme, they are now offering a variety of online learning units for self-study. Familiarize yourself with basic topics of conflict transformation such as Do no harm or the conflict transformation model of Diana Francis. All self-learning courses are available in German and English.
Access is free of charge. Organized by Akademie für Konflikttransformation (AfK)

List of Peace Trainings Academy for Conflict Transformation frequently organises peace trainings and we recommend you periodically check their website for forthcoming trainings.

International Civilian Peace-keeping and Peacebuilding Training Programme (IPT): Core Course
The Core Course aims at providing participants with the basic knowledge and skills required in post-conflict and crisis areas, independent of the specific function they will fulfill as experts in their own fields. All the modules should enhance desirable personal attitudes, stress the importance of active involvement in the host society and promote a reflective and critical approach with regard to the complex issues faced in peace-keeping and peace-building. Particular stress is put on the development of a co-operative attitude towards representatives and approaches of governmental and inter-governmental actors involved in peace-building, peace-keeping, development co-operation and humanitarian assistance as well as on the mainstreaming of a conflict- and gender-sensitive approach.
IPT is held three times a year . Organized by Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR)

EARLY WARNING, CRISIS PREPAREDNESS AND PREVENTION OF ARMED CONFLICTS This two-day intensive program designed for policy makers, aid and development workers, journalists, practitioners, and conflict specialists will provide a global overview of systems, tools and methods which can allow us to identify conflicts before they become violent (early warning) and successful lessons learned and policy options which can contribute to effective and comprehensive prevention. Concrete case-studies and examples will be used to illustrate lessons-learned and experiences in the field. Systems, tools and methodologies for early warning will be presented and reviewed, identifying strengths and benefits as well as shortcomings and challenges, and how these can be used by governments, national and international agencies, NGOs, local communities and the media to better identify conflicts, and escalating conflict situations and crisis, and prevent the outbreak of armed conflict.
9-10 December 2010, Organized by PATRIR Romania in London UK


Nonviolent Peaceforce is seeking Civilian Peacekeepers
NP Civilian Peacekeepers commit to two years in one of our field projects and/or to be available for such short-term assignments as reducing election-related violence or providing protective accompaniment for human rights defenders in vulnerable areas.

NP Peacekeepers are:

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